Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Oh, for sense and some consideration


A quote from today's Variety:
"Negotiations with producers are just weeks away, and SAG CEO Bob
Pisano is still facing a lawsuit calling for his ouster as the union's Chief Negotiator -- but he won't be facing it alone.

Hinting the guild itself has more to lose than Pisano does should he lose his job; the union has asked to be named a co-defendant in the conflict-of-interest lawsuit brought against the CEO by two members of the guild."

One of the numerous discussion groups to which I have become attached has another member by the name of Jack Rooney. I don't know the gentleman personally, but he's clearly well-blessed with I.Q. - His solution was simple: "Just call for "decertification. Actors voted SAG into existence, Actors can vote it _out_ of existence."

That is an idea as appropriate as it is brilliant. Threaten to take their toys away from them and like most petulant two-year olds they will learn to behave. Either that, or fade into obscurity. Finally! Something SAG's inconsiderate despot would actually have *earned* ;)

IMHO, what we need is a viral campaign of some kind ~ A rising swell of discord, eminating from SAG members and affiliates and organized through some kind of cyber-word of mouth. If Mr. Pisano's behaviour
is as repugnant as people seem to consider it to be, the collective noise would soon be intolerable! SAG would be faced with a clear and simple choice - Rid themselves of this turbulent priest or risk losing their *very* well paid jobs and all the countless perks and privileges that come from being a virtual monopoly in the industry.

Not exactly a hard choice, I think we'd find.