Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Thanksgiving Day....what??

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, One and all, to the 78th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day......BACKDROP!

Once again, it's that time of year when we can all experience the glorious American tradition where thousands of talented people spend hundreds of hours rehearsing, practising, making costumes and building sets, then travel great distances without complaint or reimbursment, simply to be a part of this annual spectacular.....All of which NBC then promptly ignores as they blithely use the entire event as little more than the Technicolor background for a thinly-veiled and deeply self-serving three-hour infomercial to promote an endless litany of mediocre has-beens with NBC contracts and no perceptible talent, whose shows are currently attracting audiences so insignificant they wouldn't fill a phone booth.

I'm British. To me, as to most other people who do not share the gift of American citizenship, this is not merely a parade, it's a celebration of all the wonderful things that make this country the amazing experience it truly is. And for NBC to exploit the hard work of the performers, and the event itself, and to do this so obviously with the single motivation of acquiring more profit for themselves is an insult to the Actors and the Audience.