Friday, November 19, 2004

Yahoo! News - Gibson Taking Oscar High Road for 'The Passion'

Yahoo! News - Gibson Taking Oscar High Road for 'The Passion': "

"Breaking with a growing Hollywood practice of heavy-handed pre-Oscar marketing, Gibson and his Icon Productions partner Bruce Davey have vowed not to spend a cent on television, radio or print ads hawking "Passion" for Academy Award consideration, a spokesman said on Friday. "

I'm not a great fan of the Gentleman's movie, but this is genius. By not joining the herd and running yet another of those ghastly 'For Your Consideration...' ads that infest the trade papers at this time of year the splendid Mr. Gibson will garner more publicity than if he'd spent ten million dollars! This is a new, bold and brave idea, and in a culture as morally and and intellectually bankrupt as Hollywood, that is a very rare occurence. Bravo!