Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Yahoo! UK & Ireland News - Bruce sues studio for physical pain

Yahoo! UK & Ireland News - Bruce sues studio for physical pain

"Action hero Bruce Willis is suing a film studio, alleging he suffered 'mental, physical and emotional pain' when a stunt went wrong. Willis said he was struck in the forehead by a 'projectile' when filming 'Tears of the Sun' at Revolution Studios in October 2002. In the lawsuit, Willis said he suffered 'extreme mental, physical and emotional pain and suffering' as a result of the injury. The suit does not specify how much Willis is claiming. "

Welcome, dear reader, to Whiny World. This is the happy, sun-soaked alternate universe where a fortunate few who collect $10m for doing little more than getting out of bed devote their ample free time and (questionable) gifts to crying and whinging over mishaps so insignificant they would defy any attempts at measurement by a grown-up...And all in the fullest possible glare of publicity, of course.

But heaven forbid we should think that sympathy and attention were motivating factors.

Not long ago this man, like many of his peers, was an unknown. A struggling Actor, desperately trying to secure an outlet for the creative compulsion that had consumed his entire being like a carnivorous bacteria since the day he was first capable of sentient thought. Now, transfigured by minor success into what would appear to be an overdeveloped two-year old with designer stubble, he seems driven not by the passion to act that was the obsession of his earlier, less narcissistic years, but by some ego-salving need to blame ~ and profit from ~ an unintentional mischance suffered by those whose skills and diligence facilitate his brief ~ and apparently unwelcome ~ sojourn in the spotlight.

And as his cries of torment assail the Hollywood hills, around him swirls a city suffused with people whose existence is dominated by the dream of securing even a small percentage of the success he has already enjoyed. They practice their beloved craft, attend endless auditions and face constant disappointment and rejection; all the while maintaining unfulfilling, low-paid jobs and patiently awaiting the glorious day when they reach that distant summit and sample the heady wine of admiration, bestowed upon them by the appreciative audience they have so long deserved.

Yet where is their lawsuit? Where are their protests of such (genuine) hardship??

For someone whose every conscious moment is consumed with the need to perform and create, a life such as this is anguish, pain and suffering beyond the comprehension of ordinairy people. It clearly surpasses the cognitive powers of the Plaintiff ~ And most of his contemporaries.

This magnificent country is blessed with a rich and currently uncharted reservoir of people whose boundless talent and dedication to their craft makes them more than capable of assuming any role for which Mr. Willis might be considered, with no negative results whatsoever.

It is time they were given that chance.

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