Thursday, December 16, 2004

Yahoo! News - Kidman Quits "Producers"

Yahoo! News - Kidman Quits "Producers"

Alright, guys, you can put down the paper bags now - She quit.

Not content with defacing Elizabeth Montgomery's splendid legacy of Samantha Stevens, whose character she is currently tarnishing by making the movie version of Bewitched. (Will Ferrell was picked as Darrin, if you can believe that!) the Antipodean one was considering bringing her trivial talents to bear on one of the most gloriously tasteless and well-loved comedies in the annals of motion picture history.

Thankfully, it seems we are to be spared this horror. On the down side, this is only achieved by the fact she is apparently 'too busy' preparing to ruin another, as yet unknown movie.

How is this travesty of the thespian art allowed to endure? Are there no talented Actors in Hollywood?? Oh, yes - that's right: Thousands of them! But they can't get a break because the shallow, buttock-smooching suits who run this unbalanced little town and could hire them and literally change their lives with the stroke of a pen are too busy throwing seven-figure paychecks at over-paid, over-rated peroxide blondes with a nasal whine that could drill through lead. Sigh!