Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Yahoo! News - Bush Signs Camcorder-Piracy Bill Into Law

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - People who secretly videotape movies when they are shown in theaters could go to prison for up to three years under a measure signed into law by President Bush on Wednesday.

The law also toughens penalties for hackers and industry insiders who distribute music, movies or other copyrighted works before their official release dates. Bush signed the bill in a closed-door ceremony and released no public statement. Copies of hit movies frequently show up on the Internet while they're still in theaters, allowing skinflint fans to see new releases without buying a ticket. Pirates sneak camcorders into movie theaters to tape films directly off the screen, while some industry insiders leak copies to tech-savvy hackers before they're officially released.

The U.S. Customs Department has estimated that these people are responsible for 95 percent of all pirated movies available online.

Those found guilty could face up to three years in prison, as well as lawsuits from copyright holders."


This calls for a huge party, with balloons, a ticker-tape parade, and a cake larger than Kirstie Alley's butt! Finally, that obnoxious little man has done something right! Yesssss!!