Wednesday, November 09, 2005 - showbuzz - Nov 7, 2005

GREENSBORO, North Carolina (AP) -- Actor Will Ferrell shared one regret as he surprised winners of the State High School Play Festival.

"I regret the fact that I didn't participate in high school drama in any fashion." Ferrell, 38, told students. "You are way ahead of where I was, so congratulate yourselves for that."

The students screamed when Ferrell walked onto the stage at Greensboro College on Friday night."


So do we, Will. So do we. If you'd ever participated in drama, or indeed any form of acting, in any movie you've made in your entire inexplicable career, the world would be a less painful place. As it is, this country is blessed with ten thousand Actors whose inate gifts in that arena could erase any semblance of memory relating to your existence from the public's consciousness...but they can't get the chance.