Thursday, November 17, 2005

[] Actors, Writers Want To Expose Hidden Ads

This situation is almost beneath parody. A group of overpaid, under-worked, pseudo-intellectuals in designer suits sit in gleaming tower blocks, dreaming up shows of such staggering inanity they wouldn't challenge the intellectual powers of a hamster; Then another group of suits, suitably adorned with the prerequisite pony-tails, gleefully embark on countless hours of sycophantic toadying, persuading advertisers to display their products in these shows as part of the 'essential' placements that are seen as a vital and acceptable aspect of their precious new project, and the core rationale for its entire existence.

And when their latest magnificent example of intellectual bankruptcy mercifully crashes in unmourned flames, having enjoyed viewing figures that even at its peak would be insufficient to fill a phone booth, yet another group of suits are summoned to the Boardroom altar to spend several hours in intense discussions, desperately trying to work out why people won't watch??

And through it all, the Actors on whose shoulders is rested the unpalatable chore of deluding the great American public into believing they're watching a real show, and not a 52-minute, greed-flecked platform for the Networks' true gods, are given little reward...and even less respect, and still more Actors are condemned to unwarranted anonymity because the networks are now driven purely by the desire to profit from their audience, and no longer feel the slightest obligation to entertain...or even care.